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Partner: Rex Haigh, Framework Lead, Positive Environments, Royal College of Psychiatrists

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Key Words: Resident in: UK, Working in: UK, Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Education/Experiential, Management/Compassionate, Meeting/other/ joint conferences with other relevant organizations, Policy/other/ staff mental health, Research/other phenomenology, non-verbal experience, spirituality and action research, Services/ person-centered, Services/other/service user involvement, Other/non-persecutory quality improvement methods; Related Area(s) of Interest: Medical humanities//drama, art, music, movement, nature, Regulation/and its alternatives, Other/ Complexity theory; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Mental health/other/ Psychotherapy (non-cognitive ie other specialist psychotherapies)/ group psychotherapy/therapeutic communities/personality disorder, Other/Therapeutic environments/therapeutic communities/quality of relationships /greencare and ecotherapy/organizational culture
Brief Description of Work: Therapeutic Communities (TCs) are a radical group-based treatment method based on principles of democracy, emancipation and social justice. In work starting in 2002 at the Royal College of Psychiatrists Centre for Quality Improvement, we have extracted ten ‘core values’ which are often absent in healthcare settings, and which are required in ‘Enabling Environments’ (EEs). EEs therefore demonstrate a commitment to value-based practice.
The concept has been widened to include other ‘Positive Environments’, such as where contact with nature is part of the therapeutic programme, and particular attention is paid to the conduct and quality of interpersonal relationships.
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