Stephen Tyreman

Sadly, Stephen died in 2018 – for an obituary by his colleague Steve Vogel about his important work please see::

Partner: Stephen Tyreman: Osteopath and academic working in Philosophy of Medicine and Healthcare. Programme leader for Professional Doctorate in Osteopathy

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Key Words: Resident in: UK; Working in: UK, Norway; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Education, Research/philosophy, Services/person-centered; Related Area(s) of Interest: Evidence-based practice, Medical humanities/literature & art, Regulation; Area(s) of healthcare expertise:Complementary medicine/osteopathy.
Brief Description of Work: I am an osteopath of 40 years experience but developed an interest in philosophy of healthcare 25 years ago. My main interest is in the conceptual nature of health and illness. My PhD (2001 with the OU; supervisors Profs. Bill Fulford and Michael Loughlin) highlighted the science/values relationship in the biological concept of function. This has recently developed into an exploration of uncertainty in healthcare, focusing on the role of the body in patient uncertainty as a fundamental of the illness experience. Currently working with Bill Fulford to embed values into osteopathic practice and regulation.
Read more: CauseHealth, a new collaboration between UK and Norway, to explore the concept of causation in healthcare; European Society of Philosophy, Medicine and Healthcare: chairing special session on ‘the medical model’ at the forthcoming meeting in Ghent
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