Commission for Values-based CAMHS


Organizational Partner: Commission for Values-based CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services), Royal College of Psychiatrists, UK

Lead: Dr Peter Hindley, Executive Lead for the Commission; Chair of CAMHS Faculty, Royal College of Psychiatrists
Preferred contact: Contact Us
Key Words: UK; UK; Policy/Commissioning; Mental health/Child and Adolescent Mental Health
Brief Description of Work: The VB CAMHS Commission is exploring the resources for commissioning and implementing mental health services for children and young people that are values- as well as evidence-based. We are carrying out an initial review of relevant work and would welcome hearing from anyone with expertise or experience in this area
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The report of the Commission for Values-based CAHMs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health System Commission) was launched on November 7th at a reception at the House of Lords hosted by Commission Chair Baroness Tyler

The full report and a summary version can be downloaded from Full Text Downloads

or via the Royal College of Psychiatrists’ website at: