Institute for Social Aesthetics and Mental Health


Organizational Partner: Institute for Social Aesthetics and Mental Health, Sigmund Freud Private University Vienna

Lead: Prof. Michael Musalek; M.D. – Chairman

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Key Words: Resident in: Vienna Austria; Working in: Vienna/Austria; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Advanced Studies Seminar, Research/philosophy/social aesthetics and mental health/social aesthetics in medicine, Education, Publications/CUP Series, implementation in clinical work; Related Area(s) of Interest: Medical Humanities/Art of Medicine/the patient as the piece of art, Human-based Medicine, Aesthetic-based Medicine, Social Aesthetics and Mental Health, atmospheres in medical settings, hospitality in hospitals; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Mental health care, Mental Well-being, Psychotherapy, Treatment in Psychiatry
Brief Description of Work: Social Aesthetics is a field of interest which is closely related to every day aesthetics or ecologic aesthetics. The main interest is the investigation of aesthetic perspectives, properties, attitudes and experiences in medical settings (e.g. atmospheres, hospitality, etc.). It focuses not so much on the “Whats” but mainly on the “Hows” in clinical diagnostics and treatment.
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  • MUSALEK, M. (2010): Social aesthetics and the management of addiction. Current Opinion in Psychiatry 23, 530
  • MUSALEK, M. (2015): Human based Medicine – Theory and Practice. From Modern to Post-modern Medicine. In: Warnecke T. (ed.) The Psyche in the Modern World: Psychotherapy and Society. Chapter 6, pp. 92-116. United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy Series. London