Philosophy and Humanities Section, WPA (World Psychiatric Association)


Organizational Partner: Philosophy and Humanities Section, WPA (World Psychiatric Association)

Lead: Michael Wong
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Key Words: Resident in: Other/worldwide; Working in: Other/worldwide; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Research/philosophy, Research/other/phenomenology, Other/cross-cultural values; Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills, Ethics, Medical humanities/aesthetics; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Global health, Mental health/General
Brief Description of Work: The Philosophy and Humanities Section is involved with the full range of WPA activities including organizing sessions and workshops for conferences and contributing to publications in World Psychiatry and through several international publishers. The Section also works collaboratively with other sections of WPA (including Psychopathology and Education), and with various committees (such as the Standing Committee on Ethics). The Section has links with other international organizations such as the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry and the Philosophy Special Interest Group in the Royal College of psychiatrists. A particular focus of the Section is diversity of values across cultures.
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