Philosophy Special Interest Group in the Royal College of Psychiatrists


Organizational Partner: Philosophy Special Interest Group in the Royal College of Psychiatrists

Lead: Dr Abdi Sanati, Chair

Preferred contact: Abdi Sanati (Chair)

Key Words: Resident in: UK; Working in: UK; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Communications/website, Communications/other/conferences, Education, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork; Related Area(s) of Interest: Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Health economics, Medical humanities, Regulation, Law; Area(s) of healthcare expertise: Child Health, Carer, Global health, Mental health/General, Service user, Social care, Well-being

Brief Description of Work: Since its launch the Group and its many local networks has supported the development of philosophy and psychiatry through regular conferences and other meetings in the UK and with partners internationally, including the World Psychiatric Association, the Association of European Psychiatry and the International Network for Philosophy and Psychiatry. Education and training in values-based practice and in other areas of philosophy relevant to psychiatry are supported through publications, workshops and a newsletter (now in its 45 th edition). The Group welcomes new members from psychiatrists, philosophers and other interested in this actively developing area of cross-disciplinary study.

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