Picker Institute Europe


Organizational Partner: Picker Institute Europe

Lead: Dr Andrew McCulloch
Preferred contact: Andrew.mcculloch@pickereurope.ac.uk, phillip.stylianides@pickereurope.ac.uk
Key Words: Resident in: UK, Other/Germany; Working in: UK, International Europe; Area(s) of Interest in VBP: Communications, Education, Research/philosophy, Research/person centred care, people’s experiences of care. Services/person centered, co design of services, values based interviewing for recruitment; Related Area(s) of Interest: Evidence-based practice, person centred care, relation aspects of care, accessing care experiences, effective involvement Ethics, , Other/[please specify]; Area(s) of healthcare expertise:, Other/ accessing, understanding and measuring, peoples experiences across all care settings including patient, family, carer and staff. Development and delivery of PREMS, PORMS, co-design of care processes.
Brief Description of Work:
An international charity supporting health and social care to access, understand and measure people’s experiences to drive improvements in care quality. We base our work on person centred care, where the needs and wishes of patients, service users, families and carers remain the focus in the design and delivery of care, co-designing care processes using the Always Events programme. Our work includes design and implementation of 1) PREMS and PROMS, including hard-to-reach and under-represented groups, 2) Staff engagement surveys including the evaluation and support of values based interviewing programmes. We also run individual clinician feedback surveys to support CPD.
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