Debbie Green

Project Partner: Debbie Green
Debbie Green
Retired GP and father of a daughter with schizophrenia.; Co-convener with Dr Jackie Curtis of Sydney of an international special interest group, iphYs, concerned about the poor physical health and premature mortality that lie ahead for young people experiencing psychosis and its treatments.

I am interested about how health care professionals, particularly occupational therapists develop and articulate professional values, and develop a way of growing awareness about how values are expressed and negotiated with patients, colleagues, managers and commissioners. My focus has been working in mental health and developing paid roles for people with lived experience of mental health and if the existence of these roles may inform and develop the values and how these are expressed and delivered within services.

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United Kingdom

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Communications/website, Education, Management, Meeting/other/[please specify], Policy/Commissioning, Policy: Legislation e.g. MHA,  Publications/CUP series, Publications/other Research/philosophy, Research- team working, integration, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork, Services/other

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Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Health economics, Medical humanities: yoga.  Regulation, Law, Other: Co-production, Governnance

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Mental health/General, Mental health/other/[please specify],  Primary care, Service user, Social care, Surgery, Well-being, Other