Diogo Telles Correia

Project Partner: Diogo Telles Correia
Diogo Telles Correia
Associate Professor with Aggregation at Faculty of Medicine- University of Lisbon and Head of Psychiatry and Psychology Dept. and Introduction to Medicine Dept.

I am a medical doctor specializing in Psychiatry and Graduate Consultant of Psychiatry in Centro Hospitalar Lisboa Norte (Lisbon). I am also coordinator of the Masters in Eating disorders, and regent of 7 courses at Faculty of Medicine, University of Lisbon (including psychology, psychiatry, communication skills in medicine, philosophy of psychiatry).

My research interests are in liaison psychiatry, psychopathology, philosophy of psychiatry and psychotherapies. In my role as a trainer in communication skills I am particularly interested in the role of values-based practice in diagnostic assessment

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Areas of interest in VBP

Communications Skills, Medical Education, philosophy of psychiatry, values in diagnosis

Related areas of interest

Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Health economics, Medical humanities

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Adult and adolescent mental health, cognitive behavioral psychotherapy