Dr Andrew Hadler

Project Partner: Dr Andrew Hadler
Dr Andrew Hadler
Consultant Forensic Psychiatrist, Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

In clinical practice as a forensic psychiatrist, a central aspect of my work is to collaborate with often multiply disadvantaged individuals to promote their independence and self-management skills, whilst maintaining safety.

In addition to teaching at Brighton and Sussex Medical School on healthcare treatment engagement, I have conducted qualitative research investigating the factors promoting and detracting from engagement in treatment by patients in secure psychiatric settings. I sit on the editorial board of the BJPsych Bulletin and am a co-editor of the Wiley Handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement, regarding which further information can be found on this website.

Preferred Contact

I’d be happy to be contacted via LinkedIn; please include a brief message. https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-hadler-29a3a640/


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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Education,Management, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Meetings,Policy/Commissioning, Publications,Research/philosophy,Services/person-centered,Services/teamwork

Related areas of interest

Communication skills,Decision theory, Evidence-based practice,Ethics,Health economics,Regulation,Law

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Child Health,Global health,Mental health/General,Mental health,Nursing,Primary care,Service user,Social care, Well-being,Patient Centered Medicine, Shared Decision Making.


The Wiley Handbook of Healthcare Treatment Engagement

This edited collection offers a holistic, psychologically informed approach to health care and urges practitioners to consider barriers to accessing care, including inequality and social exclusion. The collection includes a chapter linking engagement with the core tenets of Values Based Practice.