Dr. Esther I. Bernhofer

Project Partner: Dr. Esther I. Bernhofer
Dr. Esther I. Bernhofer
Associate Professor of Nursing at Case Western University Cleveland Ohio USA

Dr. Bernhofer is an educator andresearcher. Her program of research includes bioethics and values-based painmanagement. Dr. Bernhofer has published extensively including development of atool to measure pain management values in clinicians, research in educationregarding ethics and values in the management of pain, and development of avalues-based pain management model. She speaks locally and nationally (US) onpain management education and ethics. Dr. Bernhofer is a member of the AmericanPain Society (Chair of Ethics Special Interest Group), American Society forPain Management Nursing (Board of Directors), and Bioethics Network of Ohio.  


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United States

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United States

Areas of interest in VBP

Education,Meeting/bioethics,Meeting/pain management, Policy/painmanagement,Research/philosophy,Research/ethics,Research/pain management, Nursing

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Communication skills,Decisiontheory, Values theory,Evidence-based practice,Ethics,Health policy

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Pain management,Nursing,Ethics, Education