Dr Roz Austin

Project Partner: Dr Roz Austin
Dr Roz Austin

I completed an MA in English (Critical Theory) at Sussex University, leading to an MSc in Medical Humanities at King’s College London on “illness narratives”. My doctoral work was in Durham’s geography department - a survivor-researcher-led project investigating voice-hearing and emotions. As an active member of Durham University’s ‘Hearing the Voice’ research team’, I conducted thirty semi-structured interviews with people who hear voices, recruiting largely through different mental health centres over a period of twenty months. Between 2015 and 2019, I co-convened the Educational Voice-hearing Network in Oxford, that encouraged voice-hearers to make sense of their voices and their emotions.

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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Education; ASS (Advanced Studies Seminars); Services-person-centred; Medical Humanities (e.g. literature); Mental health (general); Service-user

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I have published some outputs relating to my thesis, using the pen-names Emily Knoll and Isla Parker.

  1. Austin, R. (2017). ‘Values-Based Practice when Engaging with Voice-hearers’. In Stoyanov, Fulford et al., International Perspectives in Values-Based Mental Health Practice, 297-304.
  2. Austin, R. (2018). Voice-hearing and emotions: an empirical study. Doctoral thesis, Geography Department, Durham University.
  3. Knoll, E. (2018). Emily’s Voices (Amazon).
  4. Austin, R. (2018). Size Zero (Amazon)

Nieuwenhuis M., and Knoll, E. (2021). ‘Towards a geography of voice-hearing. Emotion, Space, and Society.

I have co-edited three Practical Handbooks (using the pen-name Isla Parker):

  1. Parker, I., Schnackenberg, J. and Hopfenbeck M. (eds) (2021). The Practical Handbook of Hearing Voices (PCCS Books).
  2. James Downs, Mark Hopfenbeck, Hannah Lewis, Isla Parker, and Nicole Schnackenberg (eds) (2021), 'The Practical Handbook of Eating Difficulties: a comprehensive guide from personal and professional perspectives' (Pavilion Publishing).
  3. Parker, I., Coaten, M. and Hopfenbeck M. (eds) (2022). The Practical Handbook of Living with Dementia (PCCS Books).