Dr Sabena Y Jameel

Project Partner: Dr Sabena Y Jameel
Dr Sabena Y Jameel
General Practitioner; and Medical Professionalism lead at the University of Birmingham Medical School

My PhD was in Enacted Phronesis (Practical Wisdom) in Medicine (2021). It is an ongoing interest which I am passionate about. Phronesis adjudicates when values conflict, it has a moral orientation towards good. Aristotle stipulates it is a route to flourishing (eudaimonia). It is an intellectual virtue and is thought to be a useful conceptual framework for medical practitioners. In my work I promote broad definitions of Professionalism as being ‘the morality of medicine’ and ‘a trust-generating promise’. I am also an inner-city GP and have been working as a GP since 2001.

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Medical Education,EducationalManagement, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar),Meetings/Policy/Commissioning,Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy,Medical Humanities for exploring values.


Related areas of interest

Communication skills,Decision theory, Evidence-based practice,Generalised wisdom,Ethics,Medical humanities e.g. art, literature, music, theatre etc, Regulation and Professionalism.

Areas of healthcare expertise:

General Practice, Primary Care, Lifestyle Medicine.


Thesis link (Open access)