Dr Sarah Carr

Project Partner: Dr Sarah Carr
Dr Sarah Carr
Associate Professor of Mental Health Research Middlesex University and Director Sarah Carr and Associates mental health and social care knowledge consultancy

I specialize in adult mental health and social care policy, research and practice that are grounded in evidence and lived experience. I have a Theology MA and am interested in how values and ethics influence practice. My expertise includes service user participation, co-production, personalization and equality. I was a Senior Research Analyst at the Social Care Institute of Excellence (SCIE). I have lived experience of mental health service use and am currently Co-Chair of the National Survivor User Network (NSUN). I am also an Honorary Senior Lecturer at the School for Social Policy, Birmingham and Honorary Visiting Fellow at the School of Social Policy and Social Work at York.

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Education, Management, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Policy/Commissioning, Policy/Evidence-Based, Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy, Research/service user and survivor, Services/person-centered, Services/user and community led, Other/equality and diversity

Related areas of interest

Evidence-based practice/Evidence-based policy and practice in mental health and social care, Ethics, Medical humanities/arts and history, Regulation, Law, Other/theology, Other/Critical appraisal and systematic research reviewing

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Mental health/General, Mental health/Service user and survivor, Mental health/Service user and survivor epistemology and research methodologies, Mental health/Service user participation and co-production in mental health and social care research, Mental health/Personalization (including personal budgets) in adult social care and mental health; policy and practice, Mental health/Lesbian, gay and bisexual mental health and social care inequalities, Mental health/ Equality and diversity policy implementation in mental health and social care practice; Social care; Other/User and community support