Eleanor Chatburn

Project Partner: Eleanor Chatburn
Eleanor Chatburn
Trainee Clinical Psychologist University of Bath; Visiting student Oxford Healthcare Improvement Centre Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Besides psychology, I have a background in English Literature and academic publishing. Prior to commencing clinical training, I worked as a researcher with Prof. Charles Vincent’s Risk and Safety Research Group at the University of Oxford: I led projects on the measurement and monitoring of safety and on the quality of care transitions for the frail elderly. My clinical research areas include: suicidal depression, eating disorders, and CBT. I am interested in applying a VBP approach to patient safety and healthcare improvement research and practice, in areas including: systems thinking, patient experience, team communication, organizational change, and professional training


Based in

United Kingdom

Working in

United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Education, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy, Research/quality and safety in healthcare, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork;

Related areas of interest

Communication skills, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Medical humanities/literature

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Clinical psychology; Mental health/General; psychological therapies

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