Georgette Eaton

Project Partner: Georgette Eaton
Georgette Eaton
Clinical Practice Development Manager Advanced Paramedic Practitioner Programme (Urgent Care) London Ambulance Service NHS Trust.

Particular interest in the evidence base of values-based practice and it’s translation to prehospital and emergency care with paramedics and other members of the ambulance service. This is includes knowledge translation theory, decision making and the ethics within these interactions. Additional interest in inter-professional practice and its contribution to the UK healthcare service.

Preferred Contact

Twitter: @georgette_eaton


Based in

United Kingdom

Working in

United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Education, Research, philosophy. 

Related areas of interest

Communication skills; Decision theory; Evidence-based practice; Ethics; Health economics

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Primary care, Ambulance service

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Whose Values are they anyway?

Georgette's presentation to the College of Paramedics' National Conference 2021; "Whose Values are they anyway?" can be viewed on the Values Based Practice in Paramedic Practice Network page.