J. Pierre Loebel

Project Partner: J. Pierre Loebel
J. Pierre Loebel
MA MD FACP FRCPsych Emeritus Clinical Professor Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences University of Washington Seattle USA

A series of lectures, workshops and associated publications has been established whose primary objective is to encourage development of philosophical and neuroscientific grounds for a new awareness and understanding of the inter-play between the biological, psychological and sociological domains that are presently deemed to comprise the core components of psychic function, healthy or disordered

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United States

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United States

Areas of interest in VBP

Philosophy, application with special reference to psychiatry, medical humanities

Related areas of interest

Cross-disciplinary research, Philosophical considerations, psychiatric relevance and clinical applications of the Biopsychosocial concept

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Mental health/old age, Global mental health

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