Jennifer Chevinsky

Project Partner: Jennifer Chevinsky
Jennifer Chevinsky
Medical Student and Lead author of Values-Based Practice Instructor’s Manual (‘Who Needs Values’) and associated Logbook

As a medical student interested in the fields of preventive medicine and primary care with a passion for bioethics and improving medical education, I am interested in both the theoretical research and implementation of values-based practice frameworks. My most recent work involves exploring community and individual healthcare values through social media.

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United States

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United States

Areas of interest in VBP

Communications/Social media, Education/Medical education, Policy/Commissioning, Publications/CUP series, Research/Ethics, Services/Person-centered, Services/Teamwork, Services/Clinical care

Related areas of interest

Communication skills, Evidence-based practice, Ethics/Bioethics/Health ethics, Medical humanities/Narrative medicine, Healthcare policy

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Preventive medicine, Global health, Primary care