John Z. Sadler MD

Project Partner: John Z. Sadler MD
John Z. Sadler MD
Therapeutic Radiographer and Macmillan Practice Educator at The Royal Surrey County Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and member of the Association of Radiography Educators UK

I am working on a book, "Values-Based Psychiatric Ethics", which will be a how-to manual for psychiatrists and mental health clinicians in addressing the ethical and values-based conflicts encountered in clinical practice. I authored a chapter on this topic for the recent Oxford Handbook of Psychiatric Ethics (2015).  I am also working on a book on the confounds of moral and criminal concepts in mental disorders.  Finally, my past work has focused on values issues in psychiatric diagnosis and classification.


Based in

United States

Working in

United States

Areas of interest in VBP

Education, Policy/Commissioning, Publications/CUP series, Publications/Oxford University Press International Perspectives in Philosophy and Psychiatry, Research/philosophy, Research/qualitative social science, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork;

Related areas of interest

Ethics/ Psychiatric clinical and research ethics, Philosophy of Psychiatry, law and criminal justice;

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Mental health/psychiatric diagnosis and classification; Mental Health/crime and mental illness

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