Lennart Nordenfelt

Project Partner: Lennart Nordenfelt
Lennart Nordenfelt
Linköping University

As a philosopher I have worked on a wide range of topics within action theory, theory of health and wellbeing, and recently the theory of disability and dignity in health care. Much of my work has been in partnership with colleagues in other disciplines. For 25 years I directed the research program Theory and Ethics of Health Care within the Department of Health and Society at Linköping University.  The Institute specialized in cross-disciplinary research between philosophy and the social sciences. Among many other projects we carried out an extensive study of models of disorder developing and extending Anthony Colombo’s work at Warwick University.

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Research/philosophy/theory of health

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Communication skills, Decision theory, Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Medical humanities/history of medicine, Other/ human dignity

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Well-being, Other/health promotion and wellbeing


Lennart Nordenfelt Models of Mental Disorder


 Lennart Nordenfelt Models of Mental Disorder Swedish version