Rose Mortimer

Project Partner: Rose Mortimer
Rose Mortimer
Independent midwife in Amsterdam and a PhD candidate at the University of Humanistic Studies, Utrecht, the Netherlands.

I am supervised by Ilina Singh (Psychiatry) and Mike Parker (Ethox).I am part of Mothers: Early Intervention Ethics (MO:EIE), a project which focuses on the social, political and ethical dimensions of early intervention in maternal health and child development. I focus on Mother and Baby Units in UK Women’s Prisons; seeking to understand how parenting support is enacted and valued, and how conflicts between justice and care are negotiatedI have also undertaken work concerning values inherent in childhood psychiatric disorders, focussing on ADHD. Additionally, I have conducted qualitative work around the values and diagnostic labels in eating disorders.

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United Kingdom

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United Kingdom

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Communications/website, Education, Meeting/ASS (Advanced Studies Seminar), Meeting/other, Policy/Commissioning, Publications/CUP series, Research/philosophy, Research/bioethics

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Evidence-based practice, Ethics, Medical humanities/literature, Law

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Child Health, Carer, Mental health/General, Childhood mental health / maternal mental health, Well-being, prison health