Sarah Ainsworth

Project Partner: Sarah Ainsworth
Sarah Ainsworth
Social Worker/Social Care Manager in Children's Services UK. Churchill Fellow in Child Protection

I am a senior social care manager, working as a Disabled Children’s Manager. I have the strategic lead in a large county council for all disabled young people including those with attachment and mental health issues and autism. I also commission services and am the senior manager for around 130 social care staff. I have a particular interest in safeguarding and exploring the interface between professional multi-disciplinary practice, research and policy, exploring creative solutions to systems and services under pressure so as to improve outcomes for vulnerable children and families. I work in a person-centered, co-productive way.


Based in

United Kingdom

Working in

United Kingdom

Areas of interest in VBP

Education, Management, Meeting/ASS, Policy/Commissioning, Policy/Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, Research on safeguarding, disability, CAMHS, autism, Services/person-centered, Services/teamwork, Services/interface between Health and Social Care

Related areas of interest

Communication skills, evidence based practice, Ethics, Medical humanities/literature and art

Areas of healthcare expertise:

Child health, Carer, Social Care