Şerife Tekin

Project Partner: Şerife Tekin
Şerife Tekin
Lutcher Brown Distinguished University Professor Associate Professor of Philosophy Director, Health Humanities Program University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio

am currently working on a manuscript, Reclaiming the Self in Psychiatry: Centering Personal Narratives for a Humanist Science (under contract with Routledge), in which I make a case for including the self as an explicit target of research in scientific psychiatry in order to develop humanistic care practices in the clinic and beyond -- practices that help persons with mental disorders flourish. Empirical research on psychopathology and first-person narratives are central to this work. 

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United States

Areas of interest in VBP

Philosophy of Psychiatry, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind, Bioethics, Medical Humanities

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Evidence-based practice,Ethics,Health Humanities (philosophy)

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Philosophy of psychiatry


Select Publications

Trachsel, M., Tekin, Ş., Biller- Andorno, N., Gaab, J., Sadler, J. 2021. Oxford Handbook of Psychotherapy Ethics. Oxford University Press. Oxford, UK.

Tekin, Ş., and Bluhm, R. 2019. Bloomsbury Companion to Philosophy of Psychiatry. Bloomsbury Academic Press. New York, NY.

Poland, J., and Tekin, Ş. 2017. Extraordinary Science and Psychiatry: Responses to the Crisis in Mental Health Research. MIT Press. Cambridge, MA.

Steel, D. and Tekin, Ş. 2021. Can Treatment for Substance Use Disorder Prescribe the Same Substance as that is Used? The Case of Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment. Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal, Volume 31, No: 3, 271-301.

Tekin, Ş. 2021. Self and Mental Disorder: Lessons for Psychiatry from Naturalistic Philosophy. Philosophy Compass. https://doi.org/10.1111/phc3.12715 15.

Tekin, Ş. 2021. Is Big Data the New Stethoscope? Perils of Digital Phenotyping to Address Mental Illness. Philos. Technol. 34, 447–461.

Tekin, Ş. 2019. Resourcefulness of an Empirically Informed and Thickly Normative Account of Disease. Journal of Medical Ethics; 45, 589-590.

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